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quik lok accessories

Quik Lok accessores is a brand of accessories, stands, supports all Italian produced and distributed by Eko Music Group

Professional Support for Column Keyboard

Are you a keyboard player? Ask your dealer to try the Quik Lok SL / 913 keyboard stand.

It has a modern design and incredible mounting speed. The SL / 913 is also the lightest stand ever built since it is totally made of aluminum.

It offers great stability for large and small keyboards. Moreover, thanks to the clamp with 3/8 or 5/8 threads, you can apply many other supports to the same stand, for iPad, Auction microphones and much more.

The speed of opening and closing makes it easily transportable. You can position all the pedals in total comfort under the keyboard without the encumbrance of the “legs”. Typical and annoying footprint of the usual keyboard supports that usually hinder the use of pedals. It has been designed to promote top-level performance and professionalism by focusing on design and extreme stability.

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QUIK LOK IPS / 12 Universal support for tablets

The IPS / 12 is a universal tablet stand for any musician and thanks to its design it allows them to integrate their tablet with ease and safety into any microphone or music stand. Very practical to use on stage, in the studio, rehearsal room or at home.
Flexible and sturdy rubber-covered plastic stoppers ensure the tablet is locked in the holder without interfering with its inputs, speakers, headphone outputs, on / off switch and volume control.

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QUIK LOK accessories, a bit of history

Founded in 1983, QUIK LOK plays a significant role in technological innovation in the accessories sector for musicians, taking care of all the phases of design, construction and distribution. All for one purpose: to support you in your hobby or in your professional career.

Born in the heart of the Italian music industry, between Castelfidardo and Recanati, QUIK LOK accessories ranks among the world leaders in the keyboard supports segment, thanks to the numerous awards that enhance originality, reliability and construction precision.

All the products are designed by a team of specialized engineers, constantly working to find the most appropriate answers to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in every situation: from the stage to the recording studio, from the rehearsal room to the installations.

Quik lok in 1983:

With the first keyboard supports, QL / 606 and QL / 642, the QUIK LOK has developed its first lever locking disk mechanism that has immediately distinguished itself and established itself as an industrial standard of reference throughout the world, for its ease and convenience in opening / closing the support and instant height adjustment.

In the second half of the 1980s, Quik Lok made its mark all over the world by presenting the DQL / 15 auction: a tripod rod with an ergonomic curvature and an attractive profile. A revolutionary product for the time, as unique in the market for accessories for musical instruments.

The pinnacle of success was achieved with the universal support WS / 550, which, being able to change its shape in length, height and inclination, was soon nicknamed “chameleon”. This stand easily held rack instruments, keyboards, mixers, DJ consoles, speakers and monitors. A winning concept, which was soon imitated by numerous manufacturers around the world. Now, with the new WS / 650 series, this is one of our best sellers.

First half of the 90s: QUIK LOK

the first brand to create the only support for instruments capable of supporting all types of electric guitars and basses on the market: the QL / 691. Built with arc-welded steel tubes, with fully adjustable arms and neck support, the QL / 691 was robust, lightweight and able to fold completely for easy transport. It depopulated and dominated the market for accessories for musical instruments. Even today, in the new QL / 692 version this instrument holder is present in our catalog and is part of our top sellers.


is a brand famous all over the world both in terms of hardware and cable production. Thanks to the attention it pays to satisfy the needs of the musician, sound engineer, DJ, service and stage operators, the QUIK LOK brand has succeeded in establishing itself on the music market with its offer of high quality products, designed with high standards, made with the best materials and processed with modern machinery able to weld, surround and paint in an automatic manner, to guarantee users an EXCELLENT product supported by an excellent after-sales service.

QUIK LOK today is a manufacturer of assembled and reel cables and many accessories: keyboard stands, microfo auctions

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