Trade your old gear

Trade your old gear here at Musicarte.

Trade your old gear to buy the musical instruments of your dreams. If you found your perfect musical instrument the price is not a problem, just buy it here at Musicarte. You can trade in old gear as a part exchange towards a new or used items. If you need something different you have the opportunity to exchange what you don’t use anymore, even if you don’t live near our store.

  1. We trade in old gear as part exchange towards a new, or used, one or more items.
  2. Our valuation will not exceed 50% of what you want to buy is worth.
  3. The valuation is made on selling price, not on any offer price.
  4. We’re allowed to not accept your gear.
  5. We trade in used gear on a part exchange only.


Fill in the form to receive a valuation:

Your name (*)

Your email (*)

Store department (*)

Describe briefly your old gear (*)

Indicate what you willing to buy (*)

How much do you think your old gear is worth? (*)

Take some original pictures of your gear (* at least one is required).
Try to highlight any flaw or scratch, please do not add catalog photos.
Jpg format only, 2MB per picture max size.

If you don't know how to compress your pictures you could use this free online tool.

(*) required fields


Example of trade:

If you would buy a 1.000€ item we will offer 500€ for your old gear.

Read here for any further informations.
We hope to see you soon!

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