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Is Groove not enough? Are you looking for the classical sound that goes directly to your belly? Performance anxiety? Welcome! Here you can find all the answers! We have 4 string electric basses, fretted or Fretless, of the best brands but also 5 and 6 string basses. In this way, you can finally find the sound you have always looked for and improve your band’s groove. Lastly, you can’t miss the selection of acoustic basses, for your unplugged concert, and an interesting exhibition of rarer and more particular instruments, like Microbasses and Ukulelebasses. Moreover, you can choose not only your suitable instrument but even the bass amplifier or the effect stompbox you were looking for. This is also a way to optimize your budget. You can choose among a wide range of products that we selected on the best price-quality ratio basis and thanks to many year of experience. Instead, if you are looking for convenience combined to quality, you can choose among a wide selection of used basses, always revised, perfectly set and covered by a one-year Musicarte warranty, with a discount from 30% to 50% compared to the new one. Whatever the purchase method is (directly in our store or online) we will set the chosen instrument according to your needs. You can tell us your needs personally, by telephone, chat or email. We remain available also to show you the most suitable accessories. All this under the direct supervision of our head of department, a highly competent and expert instrumentalist/bass player, always available to the customers to give advice and to answer to every request with effectiveness and kindness.