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Do you want to buy the guitar right for you and for the kind of music that you love most? Our catalogue includes a wide range of electric guitars, for your favourite kind of music, such as rock, rhythm & blues or pop, but also a lot of semiacoustic guitars, hollow and semi-hollow body, more suitable for jazz and blues. If, instead, you have an acoustic soul, you can find the Folk guitar for your more demanding unplugged version or simply to play on the beach with your friends. For those who love classical music and the arpeggiated style we have a lot of classical guitars for every budget The prices of our offers pay attention to the main principles of the professional lute manufacturing: the quality of the used woods, each of them with its accurate timbre characteristics and the country of production, where "made in USA" products are obviously the most valued, while the "made in China" ones are cheaper for a student or for an amateur at his very beginning. Musicarte store with almost 20 years of experience and specialization in the guitar industry can offer the guitars and the brands at the best price/quality ratio, selected by our specialised staff, who always take care of the needs of our customers.