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The world of percussions (or percussion instruments) is full of sounds and effects of the most different categories. For this reason, the percussionist constantly looks for a precise sound, as personal as possible, when he has to create his own set-up from the first one to a new expansion. Here you can find a wide range of percussions, selected among the best global brands and dedicated to all the major styles and types of music that use these instruments, from the Cuban music to the African one, from Flamenco to Brazilian music, and great offers of Timbales, Conga, Cajon, Bongos and many others. You don’t necessarily have to be a specialized musician to feel the need of new rhythmic colours in your performances and for this reason we have a lot of accessories: Shakers, harpsichords, guiros, maracas and many others. Finally, we have a special section for all the drummers who would like to extend their own classic Drumkit with Jam block, Cow bell, wood block or even with electronic elements like Pads or sound modulators, to expand and transform the rhythmic flow in a modern and compelling way.