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From the most simple and immediate harmonica, the most loved by Blues and Country musicians, but also used in rock and pop, up to the plain and fun Kazoo. The offer of our woodwinds catalogue includes all the major typologies, from the most classical and traditional to the most modern and widespread ones: saxophones (or more commonly saxes), trumpets, trombones (slide or coulisse ones), clarinets and flutes. Moreover, in addition to the unavoidable and robust cases for woodwinds, we offer a wide range of specialised accessories for woodwind and brass instruments, such as ligatures, mouthpieces, reeds, cleaning brushes, piston oil and many other essential products for all the musicians who love the woodwinds. From those who play in a band, to those who study at the conservatory, from the ones who have been playing jazz for their whole life to the ones who simply enjoy the pure and unique sound of these fascinating instruments.