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CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm

CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm 0
CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm
CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm 01/1
CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm
CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm 0
CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm
condition: NEW, 3 years warranty.
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Product Details
CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm. 18'' ferrite woofer provides 1000Wrms power handling AES Standard and 97dB sensitivity 4'' high temperature... Read More
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CELESTION FTR18-4080FD 1000W 8ohm

18" ferrite woofer provides 1000Wrms power handling (AES Standard) and 97dB sensitivity
4" high temperature Inside/Outside voice coil efficiently dissipates heat, preventing sensitivity loss through thermal compression
Flexirol (TM) surround for greater excursion control
Double suspension for exceptional linearity at the highest excursions
Low frequency response, down to 35Hz
Smart chassis design minimises acoustic distortion
Specially treated, weather-resistant cone


Nominal diameter 457mm/18in
Power rating 1000W RMS
Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 97dB
Frequency range 35-2500Hz
Voice coil diameter 100mm/4in
Chassis type Cast Aluminium
Magnet type Ferrite
Coil material Round copper
Former material Glass fibre
Cone material Glass loaded paper with weather-resistant impregnation
Surround material Cloth-sealed
Suspension Double
Xmax 6mm/0.24in
Gap depth 10mm/0.39in
Voice coil winding width 22mm/0.87in
Magnet weight 3.1kg/110oz

Small Signal Parameters:

D 0.38m/14.96in
Fs 34.3Hz
Mms 126.39g
Mmd 112.24
Qms 4.33
Qes 0.29
Qts 0.27
Re 5.39 Ohms
Vas 395.56lt/13.96ft3
Bl 22.88Tm
Cms 0.22mm/N
Rms 6.506kg/s
Le (at 1kHz) 1.41mH

Mounting Information:

Cut-out diameter 416mm/16.38in
Diameter 462mm/18.19in
Mounting slot dimensions 10mm x 7mm/0.39in x 0.27in
Number of mounting slots 8
Overall depth 205mm/8.07in
Unit weight 9.8kg/21.6lb
Mounting PCD range 429-440mm/16.89-17.32in

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Product Condition & Warranty

condition: NEW. Original product with 3 years of warranty.

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