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Nord Lead A1

Nord Lead A1 0
Nord Lead A1
Nord Lead A1 01/1
Nord Lead A1
Nord Lead A1 0
Nord Lead A1
condition: NEW, 3 years warranty.
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Product Details
Nord Lead A1. Clavia , 49-key octave velocity sensitive keyboard with octave shift buttons, -2 octaves, synth engine with 96 kHz... Read More
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Nord Lead A1

Clavia Nord Lead A1, 49-key octave velocity sensitive keyboard with octave shift buttons, +/-2 octaves, synth engine with 96 kHz and 32 bit floating point processing, 24 voices Polyphony, 4 part multitimbral, 3 LED displays, 23 knobs, 3 encoders and 20+ buttons for program and performance editing, keyboard split with 2 slots for the upper and lower sections, modulation wheel, pitch stick with no dead zone at zero crossing, programmable pitch bend range, up to +/- 4 octaves, separate up/down bend range: -12 or -24 semitones, + 2 semitones, 1 pedal input for sustain, 1 pedal input for expression pedal, oscillators: 8 oscillator configurations, pitch, detune, shape, sync, am, noise, sub mix, fm, traditional analog and digital waveforms, unison modulation: lfo with 5 waveforms, mod envelope, lfo as additional modenvelope, filter: 12, 24 db low-pass filters, high-pass and band-pass filters, transistor and diode ladder filter simulations of mini and tb-303, effects: ensemble, chorus, phaser, flanger, ring modulator, drive, performance: master clock sync of arpeggiator, lfo and delay, velocity and mod wheel morph, usb midi, extra features: mutator, like button, extra fat unison mode, 4x 6,3mm jack outputs, 1x 6,3mm jack headphones output, MIDI in and out, USB connector, dimensions (whd): 802 x 92 x 260 mm, weight: 4,85 kg

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Product Condition & Warranty

condition: NEW. Original product with 3 years of warranty.

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