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Digital Pianos Dexibell

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DEXIBELL is a digital pianos brand born from the idea of ??creating digital musical instruments that satisfy the highest expectations of musicians. The creative energy of DEXIBELL exists thanks to the experience and talent of a research and development team recognized all over the world.

"Innovation, tradition and passion without compromise". This is the spirit that blends the best of classical musical instruments with technological innovation managed by a CORTEX-Quadcore brain.

Thus in the Dexibell VIVO digital pianos we find the sweet notes of an 1850 acoustic piano played by Chopin or in the CLASSIC L3 digital organ an extraordinary timbral fidelity of the pipe organs as well as in the COMBO J7 the sounds of the digital transistor organs but with the technology of motorized draw-bars.

The reason for Dexibell is the continuous development of a proprietary technology that allows to achieve results that until recently were unthinkable harmonizing together Innovation, Tradition and Music.

The products are made with great attention to detail by choosing the best materials, with the same passion for music that musicians have.

DEXIBELL VIVO digital piano. Available in the HOME, STAGE and PORTABLE versions.
DEXIBELL CLASSICO digital organ. The first real digital organ in keyboard format.
The sound generation of the Dexibell Piano is made with a high performance "Quad Core" processor. It is capable of reproducing up to 320 Digital Oscillators and over 6 effectors (DSP). Responsible for the simulation of all the elements, sounds and noises that contribute to the T2L sound modeling.

The greater polyphony used in Dexibell Pianos allows you to get closer to the response of a real acoustic piano through a virtually unlimited polyphony.

the new born CLASSIC L3 Thanks to the T2L technology (True to Life), the CLASSIC L3 offers a timbre quality never reached before in the reproduction of the sounds of the Classical Organs.

DEXIBELL has exceeded the current standard of 16 bits and 44.1 KHz, known in the reproduction of audio CDs, with the use of a higher definition, both in the format of the "waveforms" and in the integrated circuit of the conversion from digital to analog (DAC) 16 bits represent audio in 65.356 levels, while 24 bits can more widely represent it in 16.777.216 levels, 256 times more.

T2L is 24 bit and 48 KHz and this has greatly improved both the frequency response and the dynamic extension of the sound.

VIVO Stage is the Pro version of DEXIBELL digital pianos.

On stage it gives its best, allowing the musician to perfectly control every single aspect of T2L technology through physical controllers or to have the best of VIVO sounds in a single format for transportability (S1).

VIVO Stage fits like a glove, making the instrument an extension of the musician.

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