Guitar Strings

    There are many variables that determine the sound of your electric guitar: the technique, the instrument, the amp and the strings. Maybe you're a new guitarist and you're still looking for your best sound! Do you know what? Electric guitar strings play a decisive role in both the sound and the playability of your instrument.

    I'll tell you a little secret: without the right set of strings, the guitarist, the guitar and the amplifier will never reach the optimal sound.
    Underestimating the choice of electric guitar strings is a serious mistake, they play a very important role on the result of your sound and your way of playing.

    In fact, it may happen that the sound of your guitar flattens out over time and that it appears less clear than the first few times or that the fingers of the hand scroll less ... so maybe it's the right time to change the strings on your guitar!

    How can I choose the right strings? What are the characteristics to consider? How often do the strings have to be changed? What are the best brands? Surely, especially if you are a beginner, you will have done at least one of these questions.

    How to choose electric guitar strings?
    To make the right choice, before buying the strings for your guitar, it is important to know with which various types of material are made and what is the scaling.

    1) The materials with which the guitar strings are made.
    Pure Nickel: strings built entirely in Nickel, make the sound warmer and more balanced, are the most suitable strings for electric guitars and are the most soft to the touch.
    Nickel plated: Nickel plated steel strings, have a brilliant but balanced sound and are the most used strings by guitarists.
    Stainless steel: the stainless steel strings have the brightest and most acute sound ever. Below the fingers are more tense and stiffer. If you play hard rock these are the ropes suited to you!
    Chrome: chrome-plated strings, and are the favorite strings for those who play jazz.
    Gold: gold strings for those allergic to Nickel.
    Coated: covered cords and there are different types of coating from the chemical (elixir optiweb and cleartone) to those coated in fabric like the elixir nanoweb.
    Polymer coated: nickel-coated steel ropes, have a chemical treatment to lengthen their durability and shine and delay rusting.
    2) The scaling or the thickness of the strings.
    When we talk about scaling electric guitar strings, we're talking about the thickness. The thickness determines the tension of the strings, in fact the higher the tension and the harder the strings will be.

    "Heavy" strings produce more resonance, but require greater force on the fingers. So if you are a beginner I suggest you choose a "Light" string that is thinner and easier to play, with soft electric guitar strings playing the first chords will be more fun.

    The table below shows the scalings (diameter of the strings expressed in inches) and the words most used by the companies that produce cords. I hope you can help me to better understand the right rope for your hand and your guitar!

    Table Scaling Electric Guitar Strings

    How often should guitar strings be replaced?
    For this there is no real rule, there is no expiration date. There are those who change the ropes every two weeks, who every month and who once a year! There are many variables, depending on how often you play your guitar, if your hands are sweating a lot, if you pay attention to clean them and even if they are well fitted. For those who play the guitar every day for several hours a day, the advice is to change the strings at least once a month.

    How to understand if it's time to change the strings on your guitar? If you answer yes to the next three questions then it is your own guitar that is asking you to change the strings:

    it's been a while since the sound of your guitar you do not like anymore?
    have the ropes changed color or oxidized?
    has the rope lost its initial elasticity?
    To make them last longer you could try to clean them regularly with a cloth after using the guitar, so as to remove the sweat from the hands and moisture from the strings. If you really want to do a good job then you should use a specific product like the DUNLOP 6582 String Cleaner & Conditioner, at a cost of around 6 Euro (click here if you want to order it!)

    and best brands of electric guitar strings

    The best selling set of electric guitar strings on our website is the Ernie Ball 2221 set. They are the most used chords ever by guitarists all over the world. This model is used by Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Steve Go ... just to name a few.

    The main producers of strings for guitars are:

    Ernie Ball

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