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HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA

HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA  0HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA  1
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA  01/2
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA  12/2
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA  0HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA  1
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA
condition: NEW, 3 years warranty.
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Product Details
HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA . HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA An active cabinet loaded with a 15 woofer, the Pulsar PL 115 FA features a muscular... Read More
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HK Audio Pulsar PL 115 FA

An active cabinet loaded with a 15” woofer, the Pulsar PL 115 FA features a muscular 1,000-watt power amp and an input section sporting three inputs. Although much the same size and weight as the PL 112 FA, the PL 115 FA offers added headroom for the bass frequencies and low mids. With its impressive dynamic range, it is able to provide a rock-solid bass foundation even at high volume levels. And that makes it an excellent standalone solution and the perfect complement to the PL 118 Sub A subwoofer in larger setups. HK Audio also offers an extensive set of accessories for flown and monitoring applications as well as dust covers and Tilt Units..

PL 115 FA Facts & Features

Amazing bass response even at high volume levels
Remarkably balanced sound on its own and with a sub
Impact-resistant epoxy strips to protects edges
Wood housing for optimum acoustics
Extensive DSP functions
Three inputs for utmost versatility
Optional rigging & monitor accessories, Tilt unit
Made in St. Wendel, Germany

PL 115 FA Techn. Data

Max SPL 128 dB@10%THD, Halfspace
Max SPL peak 135 dB@10%THD, Halfspace
Max SPL calculated 137 dB Halfspace
Power Rating 1000 watts
Frequency response +/- 3 dB 70 Hz - 16kHz
Frequency response -10 dB 56 Hz - 18kHz
Low/Midrange amplifier 650 watts @ 4 Ohm
HF Amplifier 350 watts @ 4 Ohm
Active protection circuits Under-voltage, thermal, short circuit, and over-current protection
Input Sensitivity +4dBu @ Gain center-click
Protection Subsonic Filter, Peak Limiter, RMS Limiter, Auto Standby
Connections 2 x XLR Combo In, 1x Stereo Cinch In, 2 x XLR Thru, 1 x XLR Mix Out
Low/ Mid Speaker 15" with 2" voice coil (4 ohms)
HF Driver 1" with 1" voice coil (16 ohms)
Horn characteristics 90° x 55° CD horn
Equalizer 2 EQ switches: Stand Alone-Monitor / System & Flat / Contour
Subsonic filter Yes
Peak limiter Yes
RMS-Soundlimiter Yes
Amplifier Class D biamped
Sensitivity switch yes - Line/Mic Input A
Pole mount Duo Tilt 3/7
Rigging points 5 x M8
Handles 2, integrated
Optional accessories Cover, Tilt Unit, Rigging Yoke (Tilt Bracket)
Enclosure Hybrid (MDF, particle)
Grille 1 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam
Finish Acrylic enamel, black
Dimensions (WxHxD) 46.5 x 69 x 45.2 cm
Weight 25.7 kg

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Product Condition & Warranty

condition: NEW. Original product with 3 years of warranty.

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