Kawai ES8 Piano Digitale Black

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Kawai ES8 Piano Digitale Black

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Regardless who are playing in a concert, exercising at home, accompanying a liturgical choir or studying a piece of Chopin in school, the new Kawai ES8 is the perfect portable piano.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of Kawai in more than 85 years of production of high-class pianos, ES8 offers the most authentic piano playing experience ever created in a portable piano.
Its improved Responsive Hammer III, recreates all the details of a grand piano, with features such as high surface Ivory Touch key, let-off simulation, counterweights, and a detection system to triple

This unique tool uses sound technology Harmonic Imaging to capture and reproduce all the nuances of grand pianos Kawai SK-EX, EX concert and the SK-5.
To provide an unmatched sonic realism were applied new reverb effects and modeling, while the unique Virtual Technician controls allow discerning pianists to customize the piano.
Versatile and powerful, ES8 also includes a selection of superb sounds such as electric piano, drawbar, church organ, strings and choir for a career support to varied music. Preferred settings can be stored in Registration memories and immediately called up, while modern USB features allow you to record and play back directly from the control panel MP3 and WAV audio files.
Yet, despite its mechanical industry leader, superb sound and many other valuable features, the Kawai digital piano ES8 remains a stylish, compact and comfortable transportation. A tool with a significant number of applications, reliable in every musical situation-anytime, anywhere.

Technical Kawai ES 8

Keyboard 88 weighted keys
Sound Source HI-XL
Polyphony max. 256 notes
Keyboard mode Dual mode, Split, four hands (adjustment Volume / Balance)
Reverb Type: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral Parameters: Depth Reverb, Reverb Time
Effects Type: Stereo Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Phaser, Rotary. Combination effects x 4 Parameters: Dry / Wet, Time, Speed, Feedback, HighDamp, Depth (Parametridipendentidaltipodieffetto)
Virtual Technician parameters and resonance effects: Damper Resonance, Damper Noise, String Resonance, Key-off Effect, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard, decay time, Soft Pedal Depth Other: Stretch Tuning, Stretch Curve / Tuning User, User Key Volume, Half-Pedal Adjust, Minimum Touch
Temperaments and tuning Equal, Pure Major, Pure minor, Pythagorean, Meantone, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, User Temperament, Key of Temperament
Touch Curve + Light, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy +, Off (Constant), User 1, User 2
Internal Songs
Demo Songs Track main demonstration, demo song Rhythm Section, Section 27 demo songs in sounds
Equalizer Normal, Mellow 1, Mellow 2, Dynamic, Bright 1, Bright 2, User 1 ~ 4
Internal Recorder 2 track x 10 songs - memory capacity approximately 90,000 notes
Audio Recording MP3, WAV. Overdub Audio, Convert Song to Audio, Load Internal Song, Save Internal Song, Save SMF Song, Load Registration, Save Registration, Rename File, Delete File, Format USB
Metronome 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8 (adjustment Volume / Time)
Setup Styles: 100 rhythms (x 2 variations), accompanying 4-parts, 100 sequences agreements default, Full Range Chord (on bass chord) Settings: Rhythm Vol., Auto Fill-in, One Finger Ad-lib, ACC Mode, Preset Chord, Rhythm Parts, Bass Inv.
USB Functions Playback: MP3, WAV, SMF records: MP3, WAV Other: Audio Overdub, Convert Song to Audio, Load Internal Song, Save Internal Song, Save SMF Song, Load Registration, Save Registration, Rename File, Delete File, Format USB
Display 16 characters, 2 lines, LCD
MIDI connections (IN / OUT), USB to Host, USB to Device, LINE IN STEREO, LINE OUT (L / MONO, R), DAMPER (F-10H), DAMPER / SOFT (F-20), PEDAL ( for F-301), Headphones x 2
Power Consumption 35W
Dimensions Height 14.90 cm
Length 136,20 cm
Width 36.10 cm
Weight 22.50 kg
Speakers (8 x 12) x 2
Power 15W x 2
Pedals DAMPER / SOFT (F-20), PEDAL (F-301). Optional.
Accessories included F10H Sustain Pedal, music stand, manual.
Black finish

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