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At Musicarte you can find all the latest news on every musical instrument!

At Musicarte you can find all the latest news on every musical instrument. Discover all the latest news on every musical instrument of your favourite categories. Guitars, basses, drums, keyboards and much more. Find all the last instruments on sale. We offer a wide range of products: from the cheapest guitar to the most expensive instruments, in addition to a kit (or bundle) of instruments for those who want to get close to the musical practice for the first time, such as Ibanez or the Eko kit that includes the guitar, its strap, and a little amplifier. We have specific bundles not just for guitars, but also for basses. Do you want to buy a keyboard ideal for school lessons or just to support a temporary passion? We have lots of Casio or Orla keyboards that may have what you need and, speaking of school…don’t you need a flute? Maybe drums are too noisy but if this is your passion you can take a look at the electronic ones: they replace drums and plates with digital supports, that can return a sound to be heard also with headphones. Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan or extend to the sound of blues? Have a look at our selection of harmonicas. Discover all the latest news on these instruments! Take a look at all the products available in prompt delivery and order now your instrument. Generally we deliver in 2-4 working days in Europe and 5-8 days elsewhere in the world. If you need further information you can directly contact Andrea (guitar department), Claudio (bass department), Marco (drums dipartment) or Marco for keyboards and audio products. We are waiting for you!