NOVATION Speedio 2 IN/2 OUT USB Audio and MIDI Interface

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NOVATION Speedio 2 IN/2 OUT USB Audio and MIDI Interface

The compact stylish speedio interface provides a combined high specification Audio and
MIDI interface in a single lightweight package. Powered directly from the USB bus and
needing no additional `wall wart` it is the ideal solution for the home studio or portable
computer based recording.

Pristine quality audio preamps.
Whether making music on the move or in the studio there are two high quality mic / line
preamps available on 1/4” Jack / XLR combi sockets. Phantom power is supplied
independently to each input so high quality condenser microphones

may be connected. The
two ultra low noise, high bandwidth audio preamplifiers add a special analogue warmth to
the input signal be it a microphone or instrument. A boost switch is provided for each
channel such that signals as high as +10dBm and as low as -60dBm may be effortlessly
handled before being fed to the digital world through the onboard twin 24 bit A/D

Independent headphone control
In a typical project studio setup recording often takes place in a single room. During a ‘take’
headphones are used to monitor a backing track to play or sing along with, the results are
then listened to by using the ‘in room’ monitor loudspeakers. Independent rotary control
over loudspeaker and headphone levels makes the process of record and listen to playback
effortless. - Powered monitor loudspeakers may be connected directly to the audio outputs
along with a pair of headphones. There is no need for an additional hardware mixer to
control the separate monitor levels.

MIDI, Audio and power in just one cable!
Finely tuned software drivers that link the integrated USB Audio and MIDI make for very low
latency recording and playback. Press a key on any connected MIDI device and instantly
hear the selected Plug-In - No non-musical latency delays. No more hassle with multiple
connection leads and wall wart power cables - just plug in the USB cable and go.

Built In USB / MIDI Interface
No need to purchase a separate MIDI interface. The Speedio provides one MIDI Out port
and one MIDI In port. Runs on Windows XP and MAC OS X
For ease of use combined ASIO low latency audio and MIDI software drivers are included for
PC’s running Windows XP and combined core audio low latency audio and MIDI software
drivers are included for Mac running OS X.

NOVATION Speedio Features:

- Separate headphone and line output level controls allowing fast recording / monitoring
- 44.1kHz / 48 kHz 16/24 bit simultaneous two channel Audio Input and Output operation
with concurrent MIDI Transmission and Reception
- Integrated USB bus powered Audio and MIDI - Just a single cable carries Audio and MIDI
signals. No need for additional ‘wall wart’ PSU.
- Continuously variable Monitor control allows for direct hardware zero latency monitoring
or low latency software monitoring via the audio application.
- Two high precision, low noise high bandwidth audio preamplifiers with phantom power
and over 70 dB headroom deliver a warm, clear signal typical of Novation's commitment
to sonic excellence.
- Independent Gain controls with LED signal level and overload display. Each channel has
separate 20dB boost switches.
- Independent Phantom power On/Off controls for each channel. - Use Phantom powered
Microphone on one input and Guitar on other!
- Very low audio latency - Switchable down to 3mS input and 4mS output with no audio
glitches with fast PC
- Runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10) and Mac OSX (G4/G5 CPU, NO Intel) Operating Systems
- Independent Phantom power On/Off controls for each channel, use Phantom powered
Microphone on one input and Guitar on other!
- Very low audio latency, switchable down to 3ms input and 4ms output with no audio
glitches with fast computers.

NOVATION Speedio Specifications:

- Audio Inputs 2 x Combined 1/4” Jack / XLR sockets
- Phantom Power On / Off 48 Volts switches for each channel
- Gain Control -60dB - + 10dB Signal Range
- A/D D/A Converters 2 x 24 bit 64 x Oversampling
- Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4” Jack sockets
- I/O Sample Rate 44.1KHz and 48Khz, Full duplex switchable
- USB and MIDI Interface
- MIDI Ports 1 x MIDI In 1 x MIDI Out
- USB 1x Combined MIDI and Audio I/O
- Rotary Potentiometers Input 1 Gain, Input 2 Gain
- Monitor Balance, Headphone Level, Audio
- Output level.
- Push Buttons Switches Input 1 Gain Boost, Input 2 Gain Boost
- Input 1 Phantom on/off, Input 2 Phantom on/off, Headphone Monitor Mono on/off
Audio Input Signal Level LEDs:
- Input 1 Signal Present and overload
- Input 2 Signal Present and overload
- Phantom Status LEDs 2 Input 1 Phantom on, Input 2 Phantom on
- Status LEDs In/Out , Sample rate 44.1 and 48Khz status
- USB Bus powered via USB cable (Supplied)
- Size:
Width: 206 mm
Height: 42 mm
Depth: 113 mm
Weight: 0.5 Kg
- USB Cable Included

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