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Payment Methods

Our methods of payment are: credit card, bank transfer, paypal and postepay transfer (if available).

Bank transfer

The goods will be shipped once the money is actually wired into our bank account(the process may take from one to five days from the transfer order, or even more outside SEPA system). Anyway the customer must prove the wire transfer order within 3 days form the order placement (by forwarding via email a copy of the payment order or specifying the CRO code), otherwise the order will be considered as cancelled. In such cases the customer will receive an automatic email confirming the cancellation.
The wire transfer order must specify:
- order number (e.g. Order n° 1234-2014)
- name and last name of the customer (in case the payment is done by a third person, please specify name and last name of the customer and order number)
The banking coordinates for the bank trasfer are:
- Beneficiary: Musicarte S.r.l.

- Bank: Unicredit Banca

- IBAN: IT79X0200837353000102367112

Postepay (For Italy Only)

With Postepay is possible to purchase products on our site without owning a credit card or a bank/postal account. The Postepay data to which address the payment is: Postepay nr. 5333 1710 0411 3516 - beneficiary Paolo Luzi (fiscal code LZUPLA75A19C615K).This payment method is completely free of any charges.

If the payment is completed within 4 PM, the item will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.


Think of your PayPal account as an online wallet in wich you hold yor credit cards: is convenient, simple and safe, and you chose how to pay.
To buy something from, you don’t have to type your card number or disclose it to the seller, just write down you email addres and password. The payment will be completed in a protected page, cause your safety is our first priority. Please read every further information on The email address for PayPal payments in favour of is If the payment is completed within 4 PM, the item will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.

Credit card

Payments with credit card are easy, fast and safe. uses PayPal system for credic card payments, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account. Every Visa, Mastercard or Postepay card is accepted. If the payment is completed within 4 PM, the item will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.

Cash on delivery (C-O-D) (For Italy Only)

C-O-D is a service which gives the customer the possibility to pay the products purchased online at the time of actual delivery.
Therefore the customer, right after the purchase confirmation, shall get ready with the right amount of cash to give the carrier in order to take delivery of the goods. Please note that chosing C-O-D the total price will be charged of a further 2,9% for the service management. Furthermore, in case of unjustified refusal to receive a delivery or impossibility to complete the delivery due to repeated and unannounced absence of the customer at the provided address, Musicarte shall be refunded of every expenses borne for both routes of the shipment in addition to the said service cost.
If the order is completed within 4 PM, the items will be shipped immediately and generally delivered within the next 24 hours, otherwise the shipment will be forwarded the next day. PLEASE NOTE: WHEN THE TOTAL COST IS OVER € 999,99, ACCORDING TO THE LAW THE COURRIER CAN NOT ACCEPT CASH, SO THE PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITH CASHIER’S CHECK IN FAVOUR OF MUSICARTE S.R.L.

Postal order (For Italy Only)

Postal order is the most convenient payment method for purchases made within Italian territory if you don’t have a bank or postal account. You just need to go to any post office whith an enabled desk for Bancoposta services and make the payment. Every data needed to fill in the form, together with simple instructions, will be provided once the order is placed whith the order confirmation The beneficiary of the postal order is MUSICARTE SRL - account NR. 001011991971.
PLEASE NOTE: the shipment will be made only after the money is actually transfered (this should generally take 4 days from the payment order – Musicarte s.r.l. does not hold any responsability for any possible delay).

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