PROEL CMT2 Multicore Cable 2 Channels Sold by the Meter

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PROEL CMT2 Multicore Cable 2 Channels Sold by the Meter

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The CMT series of multipair cables consists of 100% insulated and shielded pairs, individually numbered and coloured to allow an easy identification in order to reduce connection time and prevent expensive phasing errors. The non-abrasive PVC overall jacket offers a good flexibility even at very high temperatures. The cable extreme flexibility allows an easy winding.


Application fields: Live events monitoring Recording Studio fixed installation Stage Boxes
Conductors: Flexible bare copper 26 AWG = 18 x 0.10 mm (0.14 mm²)

XLPE Ø 1.05 mm
Display: PAIRS Spiral bare copper 97% CABLE Cotton tape 100% Tinned copper braid 85%
Drain wire: Tinned copper 24 AWG = 7 x 0.18 mm (0.22 mm²)
Jacket: PAIRS: PVC Ø 2.80 mm numbered CABLE: PVC CMT2: Ø 8.40 mm
Conductor resistance: 127 Ohm/Km @ 20°C
Shied resistance: 43 Ohm/Km @ 20°C
Conductor/conductor capacitance: 52 pF/mt @ 1KHz
Conductor/shield capacitance: 89 pF/mt @ 1KHz
Nominal Impedance: 100 Ohm ± 3 Ohm
Attenuation: 1 MHz = 2.20 dB/100 mt 3 MHz = 3.70 dB/100 mt 6 MHz = 5.30 dB/100 mt 8 MHz = 6.10 dB/100 mt 10 MHz = 6.80 dB/100 mt
Velocity of propagation: 66 %
Operating temperature: -20°C / +80°C
Working voltage: 700 V AC 1000 V DC
Minumum bendig radius: 15x overall diameter
Weight: 88 Kg/Km

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