Roland UA-S10: Super-UA Audio interface for Mac and PC

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Roland UA-S10: Super-UA Audio interface for Mac and PC

The UA combines audiophile sound quality, looks solid and elegant performance and low latency in an audio interface of the new generation. With native support of DSD in a bit and 32-bit PCM audio, Super UA is the state of the art in high fidelity. The driver very low latency guarantee excellent performance whatever your preferred DAW. In addition, the modular design, intuitive controls and metal construction make it a real gem.
Roland UA-S10 Specifications
Unsurpassed audio quality thanks to the DSD 1-bit and 32-bit PCM playback
4 inputs and 4 outputs with

XLR and jack
Solid metal construction with simple controls, solid and intuitive
Headphone output jack and minijack in
Flexible design, possibility to disconnect the part of I / O and work with only the main unit
Large multifunction knob and illuminated keys, to work quickly
Clarity and dynamic range only
ASIO and Core Audio low latency

S1LKi Sound
That you are mixing and editing studio or playing live in a crowded, what you need it is an interface that ensures sound quality and impact height. Our new processor S1Lki and the DAC resolution provide the highest quality in audio playback.
The DA converter supports playback of DSD 2.8 MHz / 1-bit and PCM 192 kHz / 32-bit floating point, in order to exploit the maximum potential of your DAW and appreciate work and even the smallest nuances. Then, on stage, the various plugins and the tracks being played will sound better, impressing all the audience.

Flexible Design
Musicians and producers of today are always on the go, make up in hotel rooms, editing a train, mix at home. Super UA is designed precisely for this type of requirements. The modular design can be either fixed in the studio ready to pick up and carry around.
Super UA consists of a main unit with two I / O in TRS inputs and headphones, plus a separate unit to be connected with the appropriate cable, equipped with XLR connectors for microphones and monitors.
Comfortably seated in your place, using the knob and buttons Bright one main unit can control all four inputs, two pairs of monitors and two headphones. When you want to work outside the office, you can simply disconnect the main unit from the I / O module and use it as a standalone card with two inputs and two outputs and two headphone jacks. So you can leave the microphones and monitors connected to the studio and continue working on the mix while you are traveling.

solid construction
By designing the Super UA, the build quality was one of the most considerati- We wanted solid and reliable, so it is made entirely of metal. In controls are very firm, the base does not slip and also the keys are very resistant

Power Performance
Super UA is designed to ensure sound quality audiophile, but also guarantees performance by professional studio. We are recording, mixing or playing live, with various plugins to your DAW and you will still need stable operation and low latency. Thanks to the experience of Roland in the design and development of hardware drivers can rest easy!

Roland UA-S10 Tech Specs
Number of Channels PCM format Audio Playback: 6 channels, 2 channels DSD format: 2 channels
Number of Channels PCM format Audio Record: 2 channels * You can not record in DSD format.
Signal Processing [PCM format] PC interface: 32 bits DA Conversion: 1-bit, 32-bit AD Conversion: 24 bits * When "D / A Conversion = 1 bit" is valid, DA conversion Operates on 1 bit.
[DSD format] PC interface: 1 bit DA Conversion: 1 bit
Sampling Rate
[PCM format] PC interface: 352.8 kHz, 192 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz DA Conversion: 3.072 MHz, 2.8224 MHz, 192 kHz, 176.4 kHz AD Conversion: 192 kHz, 176.4 kHz * If the sampling rate is 352.8 kHz, the number of channels is limited to two channels, and playback is possible only via ASIO / Core Audio. * When "D / A Conversion = 1 bit" is valid, DA conversion Operates on 3,072 MHz or 2.8224 MHz.
[DSD format] PC interface: 5.6448 MHz, 2.8224 MHz * DA Conversion: 2.8224 * 5.6448 MHz MHz DSD data is down-converted to 2.8224 MHz for playback. DSD Format Playback Method
DoP version 1.0
Interface Hi-Speed ??USB
[Main unit] PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type LINE OUT A jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type, balanced I / O connector (Breakout Box) USB port: Micro USB Type B DC IN connector
[Breakout box] LINE OUT B jack: XLR type, balanced jack MIC 1, MIC 2 jack: XLR type, balanced, phantom power (48 V DC, 10 mA Max) * Current value per channel.
Controller MIC 1 button, MIC 2 button, LINE IN button, PHONES button, A button, B button Volume dial
Indicator Level indicator Volume indicator 48V indicator
Characteristics Nominal Input Level
Nominal Input Level LINE IN jack (1/4-inch TRS phone type): -28- + 4dBu jack MIC 1, MIC 2 jack (XLR type): -60- -2 dBu
Nominal Output Level LINE OUT A jack (balanced): +4 dBu LINE OUT B jack (balanced): +4 dBu PHONES jack: -2 dBu
Maximum Output Level LINE OUT A jack (balanced): +22 dBu LINE OUT B jack (balanced): +22 dBu PHONES jack: +16 dBu
PHONES Maximum Output Power 200 mW + 200 mW (L + R, 40 ohms) 65 mW + 65 mW (L + R, 300 ohms)
Headroom 18 dB
Input Impedance LINE IN jack (1/4-inch TRS phone type): 12 k ohms (balanced) jack MIC 1, MIC 2 jack (XLR type): 6.8 k ohms (balanced)
Output Impedance LINE OUT A jack: 600 ohms (balanced) LINE OUT B jack: 600 ohms (balanced) PHONES jack: 30 ohms
Frequency Response: 192.0 kHz: 20 Hz-60 kHz (+ 0 / -1 dB), 20 Hz-90 kHz (+ 0 / -5 dB) 176.4 kHz: 20 Hz-60 kHz (+ 0 / -1 dB), 20 Hz-80 kHz (+ 0 / -5 dB) 96.0 kHz: 20 Hz-44 kHz (+ 0 / -0.5 dB) 88.2 kHz: 20 Hz-40 kHz (+ 0 / -0.5 dB) 48.0 kHz: 20 Hz -22 kHz (+ 0 / -0.5 dB) 44.1 kHz: 20 Hz-20 kHz (+ 0 / -0.5 dB)
Residual Noise Level LINE IN to LINE OUT A: -96 dBu typ. (SENS: min., 1 k ohms terminated, IHF-A) * Internal Direct Monitor Mixer setting INPUT level: 0 dB
Dynamic Range
[AD block] IN LINE: 112 dB typ. (SENS: min.) MIC 1, MIC 2: 111 dB typ. (SENS: min.)
[DA block] LINE OUT A, B LINE OUT: 118 dB typ.
Power Supply AC Adaptor
Current Draw 1,000 mA
Accessories Owner's Manual Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY" AC adapter USB cable (1 m, 3-1 / 3 inches)
Size and Weight (Main unit)
Width 115 mm 4-9 / 16 inches
Depth 161 mm 6-6 / 16 inches
Height 44 mm 1-3 / 4 inches
Weight 490 g 1 lbs. 2 oz.
Size and Weight (Breakout Box (excluding cord))
Width 136 mm 5-6 / 16 inches
Depth 65 mm 2-9 / 16 inches
Height 42 mm 1-11 / 16 inches
Weight 360 g 0 lbs. 13 oz.