Shure BLX 1288E/SM35 Radiomicrophone System with SM35 Headset and SM58 Handheld

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Shure BLX 1288E/SM35 Radiomicrophone System with SM35 Headset and SM58 Handheld

The new headset microphone Shure SM35 condenser gives the multi-instrumentalist freedom of expression, without sacrificing the sound quality of a traditional microphone

It is the professional microphone ideal for voice in any live production. It is optimized to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead vocals and choirs.

The SM58 is optimized to resume the main sound source while minimizing background noise, even under extreme conditions. It is often also used by DJs and presenters in clubs and small and large live events.

The structure made to last, valid

shock mount and a steel mesh grille ensure that the SM58 is functioning normally even if used mercilessly, indoors or outdoors.

The wireless microphone combo SM system comes with dual analog receiver BLX88 channel that offers greater linearity and improved frequency response.

Once out of the box, the BLX88 receiver is ready to use: it is the obvious choice for performers who want to go wireless with a practical solution.

This system provides up to 12 compatible channels per group with scan for group and channel, and allows quick and easy setting.

In order to maintain a perfect signal, the antennas of a wireless microphone system to be configured in a certain way. The internal antennas of the BLX receiver are configured in this manner permanently to allow an optimum signal level and a transmission range of up to 100 m.

In addition, the internal antennas are not subject to breakage during transport, the preparation or use.

By pressing a single button to start scanning for the group and channel, which detects and sets the best free frequency. The user simply has to tune the transmitter to the same channel and is ready for use.

SM35 microphone headset

The headband fits securely on your head for multi-instrumentalists and for very dynamic performer
The unidirectional polar pattern (cardioid) narrow recovery provides excellent rejection of unwanted sound sources and high immunity to feedback, for use on stage with sound pressure levels and the ground behind the monitor
The flexible arm design allows positioning optimized to further improve the isolation of the voice
The lightweight and compact shape allow for greater comfort during extended use
It has a TA4F connector compatible with all Shure bodypack transmitters.
Available in a variety of precomposed Shure wireless microphone systems, it is renowned for reliable performance and ease of use
The windproof with included snap locking reduces plosive sounds of syllables for clear and intelligible reproduction
The frequency response is optimized for clear and detailed reproduction of the voice
Designed and built to the legendary Shure precision engineering to provide high performance and robustness

Features Shure BLX 1288E / SM35

SM58 microphone for voice

Frequency response tailored for vocals, with a clear response to the mid-frequency response and a progressively decreases toward the low frequencies.
The uniform cardioid polar pattern allows you to isolate the main sound source and, at the same time, to minimize background noise.
The pneumatic shock mount drastically reduces the noise due to the manipulation.
wind screen and effective anti-pop spherical
Adapter for rupture rod, able to rotate 180 degrees, provided of series
The quality, robustness and reliability Legendary Shure
Dynamic with cardioid polar pattern (one-way)
Frequency response: 50 Hz to 15,000 Hz

BLX2 handheld transmitter

in Power LED indicator and battery status
Adjustable Gain Control
Quick and easy coordination of frequencies
Up to 14 hours of continuous operation with AA-size batteries (included)
transmission range from 100 m (300 ft.), in the line of sight

bodypack transmitter BLX1

in Power LED indicator and battery status
Adjustable Gain Control
Quick and easy coordination of frequencies
Up to 14 hours of continuous operation with AA-size batteries (included)
transmission range from 100 m (300 ft.), in the line of sight

BLX88 receiver

Up to 12 compatible systems (depending on region)
Diversity in antenna switching managed by a microprocessor
QuickScan identifies the best free frequency by pressing a single button
Audio outputs XLR and ¼ "
two-color LED indicator of sound status

Included Accessories

Two articulated adapters, Art .: 90F4046
PS23E feeder
Two adapters for threads, Art .: 31B1856
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