Splash Cymbals

    A drum plate so small, yet so disruptive! Splash cymbals may be the smallest kind of accent dish in your drumming kit, but their sound adds so much personality to your music. Like a dive into the water, they have a unique sound signature that enhances the variety of your sound. Here at the Musicarte Store we offer a wide selection of splash dishes to choose from.

    But how do you choose well without making mistakes?

    The main differences between the splash dishes are in their thickness and in size. If you're looking for a medium-weight splash with little tip on the highs, take a look at our traditional models, ranging from 8 '' - 10 '' in diameter. Heavy splashes with only a little highs are often between 6 "and 12" in diameter. Known as rock splash dishes, they offer a full, round sound at high volumes, making them a great option if you're playing rock music.

    Thin or thin splash plates will amaze you with their well-defined attack and their bright tone. If you're an experienced drummer, you'll have fun, as you already know how to handle silent drumming. The diameters of these thin plates range from 8 '' to 12 '' and sound better when played by hand. Eager for that bell accent? You will love our selection of splash dishes. From 4 '' to 8 '' in diameter, these little wonders can come in different shapes, as well.

    Now let's make some notes on the composition: the splash plates are often made with mixtures of copper and cast bronze alloys. Their finish can be traditional, bright, dark, natural, polished bronze, hybrid or rough: you can choose from all the various finishes, from smooth to hammered. If you are looking for a dish that is capable of producing a large volume, please note that the larger the dish bell, the higher the volume. Also, the larger the pot, the greater the volume, so you can choose accordingly.

    When it comes to weight, if you want a plate with a fast response time and a complete sound, you need a rather thin thickness. For a stronger, growing tone, take a look at our heavier dishes. If versatility is what you're looking for, choose a medium weight splash, or combine thin, thick dishes to get the desired result.
    Do you have questions? Call us at +39 0717450852 or write to us at drums@musicartestore.com. The drummers product specialists Marco and Michele from Musicarte Store will be happy to advise you for an emotional choice but careful and targeted for your style and to improve your sound as a whole.

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