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TC Helicon Correct

TC Helicon Correct 0
TC Helicon Correct
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TC Helicon Correct
TC Helicon Correct 0
TC Helicon Correct
condition: USED, 12 months warranty.
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TC Helicon Correct. You've worked hard to create a vocal sound that's all your own, but leaving your live sound in the hands of others is... Read More
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TC Helicon Correct

You've worked hard to create a vocal sound that's all your own, but leaving your live sound in the hands of others is hit and miss. Now you can make your sound engineer, your audience and your band smile with high-quality vocal processing that starts at the stage and is exclusively under your control with TC-Helicon VoiceTone pedals for singers.

The VoiceTone Correct pedal's studio-quality sound, ready-for-action construction, and unobtrusive size let you carry it along with your favorite mic to the gig, whether it's a club or a concert hall. And operation couldn't be easier. You'll get the sound you want in seconds, instantly boosting your performance the very first night you use a VoiceTone pedal. Up to now, only the most successful singers have taken their producer, live engineer and vocal coach on the road, but now it's your turn to bring your vocal posse with you and ensure that your message--your sound--is heard.

Take control of your live sound
Feel like you're wrestling with others over your sound? From the moment you plug your mic into a VoiceTone vocal processing pedal, you're in control of the tone and effects on your voice. When you sing through VoiceTone Create and Correct pedals you're saying, "This is my sound, don't mess with it!"

Enjoy Complete Quality
Quality can be witnessed in every aspect of the VoiceTone design. Studio caliber audio algorithms, transparent converters and fastidious analog audio design lead to a smooth sound that makes you want to sing your best while your fans get, well, fanatic. It just wouldn't be enough to make products that sound this good without making sure they stand up to the rough treatment they're going to get onstage or kicking around a rehearsal room floor.

Live Engineer and Correction-in-a-pedal
The nicest and most simpatico sound engineer you will ever meet is inside VoiceTone Correct. It combines pitch correction with tone and dynamic shaping that put a recorded gloss on live singing. Sensing algorithms developed at TC-Helicon automatically adjust the recording industry techniques of multiband EQ, compression and de-essing for you, so you get the best sound with the least amount of effort.

Partner your new sound with auto-chromatic pitch correction which helps you sing more in tune, much like a metronome helps for playing in time. The miniaturization of sound engineers and vocal coaches was a challenge, but the results will surely impress you and your audience!

TC Helicon Correct Features

Auto-chromatic pitch correction improves your pitch
Adjustable auto-smooth compression
Multi-band auto-shape EQ dynamically sweetens raw mic sound
Sibilance-smoothing de-ess algorithm
Add rich lows on deep voices with the Warmth button
Accurate input pitch and correction display
XLR mic level I/O: Correction can go to monitors, mains or both

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Product Condition & Warranty

condition: USED. Used product, condition checked by Musicarte, 12 months warranty.

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