TWA Totally Wycked Audio Little Dipper V1

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TWA Totally Wycked Audio Little Dipper V1

The flagship effect unit from Totally Wycked Audio, the LD-01 Little Dipper is an envelope-controlled vocal formant filter based on a classic 70’s circuit.

TWA has taken this holy-grail effect and launched it into the future with improved tracking, fuller frequency response, lower noise floor, and the hippest packaging EVER.

The Little Dipper’s dual filters will bend and morph your guitar tone into a blabbering, gurgling fury, creating peaks and notches that simulate the vowel sounds of human speech! Emulate talkboxes, filters, phasers, and get the most vocal wah-sounds

this side of the Milky Way, all from one amazingly sexy, totally wycked stompbox!

100% made in the U.S.A., the Little Dipper is built from the highest quality components available to handle light-years of live abuse.

Don’t just reach for the stars – play them, with the Little Dipper from TWA!

ASCENSION: Similar to the Threshold control of a standard envelope filter, Ascension controls the depth of sweep for the Little Dipper’s filters. Sweet spots that create vowel and diphthong sounds sit around 7 o’clock, 12 o’clock, and 4 o’clock, but are also dependant on the position of the Inclination control.
INCLINATION: This control determines the trigger timing of the two filters in relation to one another. Different settings will produce different vowel and diphthong sounds, but are also dependant on the position of the Ascension control.
DIFFRACTION: Diffraction is basically a fuzz effect. With Diffraction at zero setting, the Little Dipper produces "clean" filtering effects. As Diffraction is increased, it adds a fuzz effect that accentuates specific frequencies in the filter sweeps, yielding more dramatic effects.
BLEND (internal): Blends in clean instrument signal against the effected signal. With Blend at zero setting, the Little Dipper passes effected signal only. With Blend at full setting, the Little Dipper passes equal amounts of clean and effected signal blended together.
GATE (internal): Let’s face it; all this filtering and fuzzing can sometimes get a little noisy. The Gate trimmer acts as a threshold control for an internal noise suppressor circuit that will gate noise in between notes. At zero setting there is no gating, and the gating becomes tighter as the control is turned clockwise.

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