General sales conditions

Sale prices and trade-in sales

All prices are in Euro and include VAT. On the rare occurence of a incorrect pricing on a product online, we shall inform the customer prior to finalising the sale and raise the correct invoice.


We welcome trade-ins, we can accept used items as p as part payment for new products, following evaluation of their suitability, if they are in working order, and their estimated reselling price. However, the value of the trade-in product shall not exeed 50% of the new one; only in exeptional circumstances, higher old-to-new price ratios will be considered at our discretion. Concerning "Drop Shipping" products ("Available as in Stock!" availability, which means they are stocked elsewhere), we reserve the right to consider the suitability of a part exchange.


Prior to finalising the order, the costumer will be able to check the final amount, including potential shipping costs and commissions. Otherwise, customers will receive a non-binding estimate by email and confirm the sale by mailing back ( or by phone (+39 071 7450852).

Payment methods

Our methods of payment are: credit card, bank transfer, paypal and postepay transfer (if available).

Bank transfer

The goods will be shipped once the money is actually wired into our bank account(the process may take from one to five days from the transfer order, or even more outside SEPA system). Anyway the customer must prove the wire transfer order within 3 days form the order placement (by forwarding via email a copy of the payment order or specifying the CRO code), otherwise the order will be considered as cancelled. In such cases the customer will receive an automatic email confirming the cancellation.
The wire transfer order must specify:
- order number (e.g. Order n° 1234-2014)
- name and last name of the customer (in case the payment is done by a third person, please specify name and last name of the customer and order number)
The banking coordinates for the bank trasfer are:
- Beneficiary: Musicarte S.r.l.

- Bank: Unicredit Banca

- IBAN: IT79X0200837353000102367112

Postepay (For Italy Only)

With Postepay is possible to purchase products on our site without owning a credit card or a bank/postal account. The Postepay data to which address the payment is: Postepay nr. 5333 1710 0411 3516 - beneficiary Paolo Luzi (fiscal code LZUPLA75A19C615K).This payment method is completely free of any charges.

If the payment is completed within 4 PM, the item will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.


Think of your PayPal account as an online wallet in wich you hold yor credit cards: is convenient, simple and safe, and you chose how to pay.
To buy something from, you don’t have to type your card number or disclose it to the seller, just write down you email addres and password. The payment will be completed in a protected page, cause your safety is our first priority. Please read every further information on The email address for PayPal payments in favour of is If the payment is completed within 4 PM, the item will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.

Credit card

Payments with credit card are easy, fast and safe. uses PayPal system for credic card payments, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account. Every Visa, Mastercard or Postepay card is accepted. If the payment is completed within 4 PM, the item will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be shipped the following day.

Cash on delivery (C-O-D) (For Italy Only)

C-O-D is a service which gives the customer the possibility to pay the products purchased online at the time of actual delivery.
Therefore the customer, right after the purchase confirmation, shall get ready with the right amount of cash to give the carrier in order to take delivery of the goods. Please note that chosing C-O-D the total price will be charged of a further 2,9% for the service management. Furthermore, in case of unjustified refusal to receive a delivery or impossibility to complete the delivery due to repeated and unannounced absence of the customer at the provided address, Musicarte shall be refunded of every expenses borne for both routes of the shipment in addition to the said service cost.
If the order is completed within 4 PM, the items will be shipped immediately and generally delivered within the next 24 hours, otherwise the shipment will be forwarded the next day. PLEASE NOTE: WHEN THE TOTAL COST IS OVER € 999,99, ACCORDING TO THE LAW THE COURRIER CAN NOT ACCEPT CASH, SO THE PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITH CASHIER’S CHECK IN FAVOUR OF MUSICARTE S.R.L.

Postal order (For Italy Only)

Postal order is the most convenient payment method for purchases made within Italian territory if you don’t have a bank or postal account. You just need to go to any post office whith an enabled desk for Bancoposta services and make the payment. Every data needed to fill in the form, together with simple instructions, will be provided once the order is placed whith the order confirmation The beneficiary of the postal order is MUSICARTE SRL - account NR. 001011991971.
PLEASE NOTE: the shipment will be made only after the money is actually transfered (this should generally take 4 days from the payment order – Musicarte s.r.l. does not hold any responsability for any possible delay).

Shipment costs

Shipping charges applied are fixed for the whole Italian territory and will vary based on destination, weight and volume for Europe and for the rest of the World. Musicarte s.r.l., within Italian territory, offers BRT courier as a standard delivery option,while UPS Express Courier is used for the rest of the World. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT THE CLIENT ALWAYS CHOOSES THE ENSURED DELIVERY: SUCH SERVICE IS CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE AGAINST DELAYS AND POSSIBLE PROBLEMS IN THE REFUNDING PROCEDURES.

FAST SHIPPING (Standard delivery option - Italy Only)

Costs will vary for each country based on the weight and volume of the product

transport costs will vary for each country based on the weight and volume of the product


+ 1% applied to the order subtotal


No additional costs apply

If a product is displayed with FREE SHIPPING, then the shipping costs (except for additional commissions as in case of C.O.D.) every charge will be at pour expenses.



24 working hours for all regions, 48 working hours for the Islands.


2-4 working days


5-8 working days

Together with the packaging containing the purchased products, the customer will receive the related commercial invoice or receipt. In case of loss of sales document, you can request a copy to the customer service via E-mail in PDF format.

Packages check

The customer and/or the person appointed to take delivery of the goods, at the time of delivery and in the presence of the courier, shall check the integrity of the packages and their relative number, reporting any flaw or discrepancy. Such remark must be reported in writing in the space provided in the transport document (DDT) which, duly signed, will be kept by the courier. Then, the customer must contact Musicarte’s Customer Service to report the problem.?

Order cancellation

Orders become binding when the goods are shipped. Therefore, until then, an order can be cancelled by calling the Customer Service (+39 071 7450852) or by e-mail (

After the shipping, any non-professional customer has the Right to Withdraw.

You can check online the status of the shipment by accessing the site with your e-mail address and password under "YOUR PROFILE" section "CUSTOMER ORDERS".


- In order to preserve the right to activate the warranty, the customer shall carefully keep the Receipt or Invoice,

- the product warranty covers the cost of labor and replacement of all defective parts, other than speakers, valves, instruments finish, RAM and ROM memories, all parts subject to degradation (strings, batteries, lamps ...) and any damage caused by improper use of the instrument,

- any repairs performed by unauthorized service centers, as well as the alteration of the original plates or cancellation of the serial number(or part of it), will automatically imply the forfeiture from the warranty,

- the equipment in need of assistance must be hand delivered or shipped prepaid together with a copy of the Request for Validation of Warranty and copy of the Receipt or Invoice,

- Musicarte does not hold responsibility for damages to the product which may occur during the shipping, therefore the customer must make sure that the package is adequate and able to protect the product from breakage and impacts during the transportation,

- the warranty does not cover any damage caused by: negligence and neglect, misuse and abuse of the product, damages resulting from the use of the product with supply voltages other than indicated, any damage caused by modifications both on electrical and aesthetic parts,?

- Musicarte does not hold responsibility for for any damage that may directly or indirectly occur to persons, goods or animals resulting from the failure to comply with instructions given in the appropriate operating manual and on the warnings regarding the INSTALLATION, USE AND CARE of the product,?

- the use of products in breach of the normal security conditions frees Musicarte srl from all civil and criminal liability,?

- any damage caused by lightning, fire, causes of force majeure excludes liabilities of any kind for Musicarte,?

- Musicarte is not liable for damages resulting or arising from the breakdown of a product, thus excluding any compensation to the purchaser,?

- any technical or aesthetic changes or improvements to any product, implemented from time to time by the manufacturer, does not imply for Musicarte the obligation to modify previously produced products.

Right to withdraw

According to the Italian Legislative Decree n° 206/2005 ("Codice del consumo", Italian Consumer Code), the right to withdraw may be applicable with exclusive relation to those customers who can be defined as “consumers”, meaning individual persons who purchase for purposes unrelated to their professional or commercial activities. Such right is also excluded for resellers and, in general, persons who, for whatever reason, buy in order to sell to third parties, as well as for those purchasers who require customizations on the products.
The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without specifying any reason. Such period of time starts: a) in case of a sales contract, from the day the customer or a third person appointed by the customer (not the courier) materially takes delivery of the goods; b) regarding a single sales contract for multiple items separately shipped, from the day the consumer or a third person appointed by the customer takes material delivery of the last purchased good; c) in case of a sales contract related to an item formed by different parts or multiple components, from the day the consumer or a third person appointed by the customer takes material delivery of the last purchased part or component.

How to exercise the right to withdraw?

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail). You may use the attached model withdrawal form, but it is not obligatory.

To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired

Instructions for completion:

To Musicarte Srl
Via d’antona 6/q
Chiaravalle, Ancona
Fax: +39 071 741261

For a better management of the withdrawal procedure, the communication shall specify the order number, the code of purchase and the refund method, if different from the payment method. Anyway it is strongly suggested that the customer contacts Musicarte Customer Service, so that we can provide every information on how a correct withdraw procedure should be opened. Please note that in case of promotional operations, meaning when an item is sold toghether with another good which price is extremely low or that comes for free, the withdraw will be legitimately exercised by returning both the goods.


The right to withdraw is excluded for: a) purchasing of personalised or customized goods, b) purchasing of sealed audio or video material or softwares, when they have been opened after the delivery, c) contracts stipulated during a public auction, d) purchasing of digital contents on non-phisical memory, when the customer has accepted the loss of the right to withdraw.

Effects of withdraw

If the consumer withdraws from this contract, Musicarte shall reimburse all payments received in execution of the contract, including the costs ofdelivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from the choice of a type of delivery other than theleast expensive type of standard delivery offered by us, without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days fromthe day on which Musicarte has been informed about the decision to withdraw from the contract. Musicarte will carry out suchreimbursement using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction, unless expresslyagreed otherwise; in any event, the consumer will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.
Musicarte may withhold reimbursement until the goods are received back or until the consumer has supplied evidence ofhaving sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.


Return of the goods

If the withdraw is exercised after receiving the purchased goods, the customer shall return them at his own expenses without delay and in any case within 14 days from the comunication of the intention to withdraw. The deadline is met if the shipment is made before the expiration of the aforesaid term. When an item, due to its nature, cannot be shipped by standard postal or express services, Musicarte s.r.l. will manage the return process by charging a maximum amount of € 30,00. The consumeris only liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. Anyway, returned goods shall be placed into a proper additional packaging so that there’s no risk of damaging during the transport.

Times of refund

If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this con-tract. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly
agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.

Instructions for completion:

We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is the earliest.


WITHDRAWAL FORM 2014  (doc, pdf, odt)



This page describes how we manage the website regarding the processing of personal data of the users. The informations are provided according to art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree n° 169/2003 (Code for the protection of personal data) to anyone who interacts with Musicarte’s online services. The informations concern only the website and not other sites which the user may visit by clicking on links.


Musicarte Srl, with registered office in Via D’Antona n° 6/q, 60033 Chiaravalle (AN) – ITALY, is the sole responsible for the treatment of personal data.


The treatment of data related to the online services of this website occurs in the aforementioned headquarter of the company and is carried out by personnel expressly appointed by the responsible for the treatment. No data arising from the online service is communicated or spread.


Navigation data

This website is operated through informatic systems and software procedures which collect, during its normal functioning, some personal data which transmission is standard and implicit in the use of internet communication protocols. Such data includes IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users who connect to the website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (eg . success, error) and other parameters regarding the operating system and computer environment of the user. Such data may be used in order to detect responsibilities connected to possible informatic crimes against the website. The website is also monitored through a software that allows to perform statistics on the frequency of access to site itself, although anonymously, without any possibility to trace identifiable elements.

Voluntarily provided data

The optional, explicit and voluntary forwarding of e-mails to the adresses listed in this website entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address in order to respond to requests, as well as any other data included in the message. This information is classified and treated as personal according to art. 4 of Italian Legislative Decree n° 196/2003 and therefore is only treated by specifically appointed personnel. These data are treated exclusively in order to respond to user’s enquiries, with no possibility of communication or dissemination to third parties. Regarding their conservation, such data are kept just as long as they are needed for the aforementioned purpose, then they are cancelled.


No personal data is collected by the website regarding cookies. Cookies aren’t used for transmission of personal information, nor are used “persistent cookies” of any kind or other user tracing systems. The use of session cookies (which aren’t memorised permanently on the user’s computer and disappear once the browser is quitted) is strictly limited to the purpose of transmitting session IDs (casual numbers generated by the server) in order to allow a safe and efficient browsing of the website.

Optional nature of providing data?

Apart from what already mentioned regarding navigation data, the user is free to provide personal data by sending an email to the addres specified in the website for inquiries, informations or other communications. It must be remembered that in some cases, apart from the ordinary management of this site, the Authority can request information under art. 156 of Italian Legislative Decree n° 196/2003, for the purpose of controlling the processing of personal data; in such cases it is mandatory to respond, upon penalty of a fine.

Access to personal information

Every user has the right to ascertain the existence of personal data stored in the site, to know the related content and origin and to verify if they are accurate, complete and up to date and possibly ask for their integration, update or correction under art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree n° 196/2003. Under the said Law, users have also the right to ask Musicarte to delete them, make them anonymous, block them whenever they are treated in violation of the Law and, in any case, oppose to their treatment for legitimate reasons. Please note that information of more personal nature, such as private email addresses or phone numbers are collected, stored and treated only by the responsible of the treatment and are never disclosed to third parties. The requests connected to the exercise of the aforementioned rights shall be addressed to the responsible of the treatment.


If you sign up to our newsletter, we may use your e-mail address to send you information about our products and services. At any stage you can ask us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Official language, applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The official language of the contract between the customer and Musicarte shall be Italian, and the contract itself, unless specifically regulated by the parties, shall exclusively be governed by Italian Law.?

Except for the customers which can be qualified as “consumers” according to art. 3 of D.Lgs n° 206/2005 (Codice del Consumo), for any dispute related to or arising from the contract,Ancona shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

Condition of products

NEW products can include items exposed in our shop. We’re a real store, not just a warehouse for online orders. Warranty lasts 36 months, 12 more than the normal European warranty, if specified during the purchasing process.

EX-DEMO products are items exposed in fairs, slightly worn in shop tests or played by endorsing artists in demos/clinics. Conditions are usually equal to new, if not the price would be reduced according to it. Warranty lasts 24 months.

USED Warranty forproducts lasts 12 months. The assistance for these products will be exclusively performed by Musicarte s.r.l., internally or in other centers we will communicate to the customer in the moment of purchase.

After-Sales Services

After-sales services (please take note of the previous paragraph “PACKAGES CHECK”)








The replacement procedure for a product which results broken at the time of delivery can be activated if the malfunction is detectable since the first use.
This warranty is subject to the communication of such malfunction within 2 days from the delivery. The activation of the procedure can be done by calling Musicartestore Customer Service (+39 071 7450852).
After the activation, the Customer Service will offer the replacement of the product or the emission of a credit note with refund of the price paid (by bank transfer). The amount of the credit note (and the consequent bank transfer) will be set based on the discounts and promotions at the time of the order, as mentioned in the invoice. The replacement of the product will be carried out within 60 days from the activation of the warranty.
The broken product must be sent back by courier to the address that the Customer Service will communicate. Musicarte will bear any expenses for such shipping.
The products to be replaced shall be placed into a proper additional packaging (unless otherwise authorized) that can contain the original packaging which must, with no exception:
- be free of writings or rips and strains,
- contain every accessories and manuals,
- contain the internal protections so that the product doesn’t get damaged during the transport.

If the aformentioned requirements are not complied with, the product will be sent back to the customer at his own expenses and no replacement will be made. Go up.





Such replacement is provided in case Musicarte s.r.l. sends a product that is different from the one ordered by the customer.
This procedure is subject to the communication of such error within 8 days from the delivery. The activation of the procedure can be done by calling Musicartestore Customer Service (+39 071 7450852).
Before the activation of this procedure it is highly suggested that the customer compares the product with the technical features and the detailed pictures on our website.
Shipping costs will be borne by Musicarte Srl, and the delivery shall be made by BRT courier in Italy and UPS within EU. For the rest of the World, please ask for specific instructions.
The products must be sent back in the exact same conditions it came, so no signs or writings shall be made on the packaging (which must remain sealed and the product must not be used), and it shall be placed into a proper additional packaging (unless otherwise authorized) that can contain the original packaging. We can allow to open the packaging only if it isn’t otherwise possible to identify the product and compare it with the one mentioned in the order.

After the activation, the Customer Service will offer the replacement of the product (even with a similar one, if the customer agrees) or the emission of a credit note with refund of the price paid (by bank transfer), based on the availability of the product. The amount of the credit note (and the consequent bank transfer) will be set based on the discounts and promotions at the time of the order, as mentioned in the invoice. The replacement of the product will be carried out within 60 days from the activation of the warranty. Go up.





This service can be activated within 8 days from the delivery of the product, if it lacks of parts or accompanying materials.
Before the activation of this procedure it is highly suggested that the customer compares the product with the technical features, the detailed pictures and the list of accessories on our website.

The activation of the procedure can be done by calling Musicartestore Customer Service (+39 071 7450852), and the shipping of any lacking component will be done within the following 60 days. If such integration is not possible, Musicartestore Customer Service will decide wether to replace entirely the product, refund the price of issue a voucher in favour of the customer. Go up.





When taking delivery, before signing the delivery note, please carefully verify if the number of packages coincides with the one specified in our order confirmation and in the courier’s document. Also check the conditions of the packaging and make sure that every side of the package is still sealed with Musicartestore personalized duct tape.
In case of any problem identified in this preliminary check, specify "CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED" mentioning the reason directly on the delivery note (Es. conditionally accepted because of missing, crushed, cracked or broken packages, etc.).
Please note that signing without pointing out any problem related to the conditions of the packaging means that the courier has no responsability whatsoever for any damages occurred during the transport.
After the preliminary check and if the delivery has been conditionally accepted, the customer shall contact within the following 3 days our Customer Service (+39 071 7450852) and provide the document number, than a copy of the delivery in which is clearly visible that the package has been conditionally accepted and an accurate description of the damage.
The Customer Service will then open the procedure for the replacement, which shall be carried out within 30 days from the communication of the customer. Depending on the availability of the products, Musicarte can also decide to refund the price.
The same procedure shall be activated in the event of damages to the actual product.
If the communication comes after 3 days from the delivery, Musicarte will decide at its own discretion wether to open or not the replacement procedure. 

Please note: you need to keep all packaging, labels, shipping codes and whatever may be useful to facilitate the rapid resolution of the problem and possible request for inspection of the damage by the courier. Go up.

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