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Zoom F8

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Zoom F8
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Zoom F8
Zoom F8  0
Zoom F8
condition: NEW, 3 years warranty.
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Zoom F8 . Zoom F8 The multitrack recorder is a professional portable recorder and its feature set is ideal for directors and... Read More
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Zoom F8

The Zoom F8 multitrack recorder is a professional portable recorder and its feature set is ideal for directors and sound designers. Eight preamps noiseless recording at a resolution up to 24-bit / 192 kHz for high-quality audio for any project. A large LCD display, the knobs gain dedicated and PFL / Solo switch for each channel make the F8 easy to use in any situation. This compact unit also offers an app for remote control, Time Code BNC I / O, limiter and much more. Dell'F8 on the body, there are eight Neutrik XLR / TRS combo, each with its own gain control, LED level meter 6 segments and PFL / Solo button. These inputs allow you to connect anything from condenser microphones with phantom power on line sources. Even more incredible it is the gateway modular expansion dell'H6, allowing you to connect any of the acclaimed Zoom microphone capsules. As it regards the monitoring, the F8 provides both a line output that a headphone. Zoom F8 is the first field recorder to have a Bluetooth wireless control. Now you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (5th gen) to have extensive control dell'F8 with the app to zoom F8. Easily you use functions such as Record, Stop, Fast-Forward, Rewind, pan mixer, fader level, and more. You also get real-time monitoring of input levels, time code, and the battery status. You can also rename files, add details Date / Time, and enter metadata. When you need to hear the sound, you'll appreciate the powerful and flexible section of the field F8 Zoom multitrack recorder monitor. It 'important to check the levels on the fly when you're filming or audio sampling. You can easily track individual tracks or more tracks via the front panel controls and a convenient headphone output 1/4 ". The menu controls allow you to route audio to the left or right channel of headphone, pre or post- fader, or even mono. the powerful headphone amplifier of 100mW has enough volume even in noisy situations. There is also a series of mini XLR outputs for sending audio to the studio monitors and more.

Key Features Zoom F8

8 mic preamps: Extremely low noise (-127 dBu EIN), large reserves of gain (up to 75dB), Phantom + 24 / + 48 V on each channel, and +4 dB line input. F8 has an input for removable capsules Zoom can also be used with extension cord
high resolution audio up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, with a limiter on each channel (threshold, attack and release). F8 is compatible with BWF Protocol and records in WAV format and MP3 up to 320kbps
Timecode: the oscillator operates at a level of 0.2ppm precision providing a very accurate audio and video synchronization. F8 is equipped with a standard BNC input and output for easy integration with all production platforms
Lightweight and robust aluminum chassis
Color LCD 2.4 "display with monochrome mode, offering perfect visibility in difficult conditions such as direct exposure under sunlight
2 SD card slot, up to 512GB, can also be used simultaneously for backup or split channel
3 power sources: the Hirose 4-pin connector allows the use of external batteries DC 9 / 16V, 8x AA batteries. And 'possible to change the power from DC to AA batteries. A 12V power supply is provided to the power grid
Pre-Record to capture audio function up to 6 seconds in advance of the actual recording
Complete Monitoring of each track incoming and outgoing, AFL, or PFL, with R / L routing. The headphone output has mono mode and peak indicator
Bluethooth and free app for remote control: remote control dell'F8 with a tour of its features and level monitoring and battery status
Modlità USB audio interface: 8 inputs / 4 outputs and card reader
Included accessories: adapter for mounting on room, Zoom AD-19 adapter, 2x TA3 / XLR cables, manual, code for dowload of Cubare WaveLab LE & LE
Dimensions: 78 x 140 x 54mm
Weight: 0,960kg

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Product Condition & Warranty

condition: NEW. Original product with 3 years of warranty.

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