Music Man John Petrucci "Majesty"7 strings Arctic Dream 607 M5 50 00

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Music Man John Petrucci "Majesty"7 strings Arctic Dream 607 M5 50 00

Based upon the power, grace and beauty of a running stallion dramatically paired with the energy and style of German car manufacture technology, let us introduce you to the new breed of John Petrucci Signature Electric Guitar... ladies and gentlemen, we give you the John Petrucci Music Man 'Majesty' Signature Electric Guitar; please approach with caution, this animal kicks!

Labelled as the 'most innovative and forward-thinking signature Electric Guitar in the JP Signature line', the Majesty breaks all the rules and redefines itself with power and purpose! Creatively developed with

the sleek design and speed of a modern race car in mind, this guitar is all about supreme performance and functionality.

Boasting a range of differences that hold the Majesty apart from other models, we're sure that you'll love these new appointments! For the first time EVER, you'll find a complete Mahogany Neck-Through design installed, providing maximum depth and resonance. Fitted with DiMarzio Illuminator pickups and having the bridge mounted to it, this beautifully crafted guitar really will scream for you! Boosted by an incredible selection on tonewoods, the Majesty oozes rich, organic tone that will cut through the mix night after night! A superb blend of Mahogany, Basswood and Maple work together to provide depth and response. Having chosen Mahogany as the single material for the Neck-Through design, the much lighter Basswood was chosen for the rest of the body, offering you, the player a much more comfortable playing experience.

Music Man really shone when it came to design and inspiration with this one; Using Maple as the core material, engineers lazer-etched, sanded and stained the 'shield' section (around the pickups), giving the impression that it has been manufactured out of carbon fibre, again, reinforcing the personality of a German race car. Not only does the Majesty look super-cool, it sounds incredible and plays with ease thanks to it ultra-ergonomic body shape and angled headstock. You're given access to all 24 frets thanks to its streamline body cut-aways, helping you shred with every note oyu can think of!

Toggle switches and controls are displayed in an arched position, giving you a very natural feel. The shape and style of this guitar is one of performance and comfort. Perfectly contoured with its rounded feel, it fits to your body with ease making playing a pure pleasure!

If it's super-sonic tone you're after matched perfectly with comfort, playability and performance, all capped off with modern fixtures and fittings, the John Petrucci Music Man 'Majesty' Signature Electric Guitar is the one for you! Available in 6 and 7-string versions, plug your in now, grab the reigns and take this wild one for a ride now!

What Music Man say bout the John Petrucci Music Man 'Majesty' Signature Electric Guitar:
"The Majesty guitar symbolizes the very reason why I am so proud to be a Music Man artist. I had the idea for this guitar a couple of years ago but it is because of their innovative spirit and dedication to the art of guitar building that it is now a reality. I am so grateful that I am able to collaborate with the best guitar company on the planet and so incredibly proud that together we have created what is to me, the perfect musical instrument for guitar players. I really hope you get a chance to play one and am confident that you will feel the same!" - John Petrucci

Size (7 String): 12" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 38" long (30.4 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 96.5 cm long)
Weight (7 String): 7 lbs, 8 oz (3.29 kg) - varies slightly
Body Wood: Basswood with maple top and mahogany through neck
Body Finish: Matte
Body Colours: Polar Noir, Glacial Frost, Iced Crimson, Siberian Sapphire, Arctic Dream
Bridge: Custom John Petrucci Music Man® Piezo floating tremolo, made of black pearl plated, hardened steel with stainless steel saddles.
Scale Length: 25-1/2" (64.8 cm)
Neck Radius: 17" (43.2 cm)
Headstock Size: Angled & Only 5-7/8" (14.9 cm) long
Frets: 24 Medium Jumbo profile, Stainless Steel
Neck Width (7 String): 1-7/8" (47.6 mm) at nut, 2-7/16" (61.9 mm) at last fret
Neck Wood: Honduran Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Fret Markers: Custom JP Majesty Inlays
Neck Finish: Matte
Neck Colours: Colour matches body
Tuning Machines: Schaller M6-IND locking with black pearl buttons
Truss Rod: Adjustable - no component or string removal
Neck Attachment: Through neck design
Electronic Shielding: Graphite acrylic resin coated body cavity and aluminium control cover
Controls: Custom Music Man® active preamp; push/push volume for gain boost, 500kohm push/push passive tone for custom 2 pickup configurations - .022µF tone capacitor
Switching: 3-way toggle pickup selector, with custom centre position configuration; 3-way toggle piezo/magnetic selector, momentary mono/stereo output knob (Piezo Volume)
Pickups: HH - DiMarzio Illuminators; Piezo bridge pickup
Left Handed: No
Strings (7 String): 10p-13p-17p-26-36-46-56 (RPS 10 Slinkys #2240 with added P01156)

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