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Output: 180 W
Channels: 3, with second master and mid-cut up to 6 voicings
Loops: 1 parallel, 1 insert loops, 1 switchable insert loop midi in & thru / phantom - power
Equalization: gain, treble, mid, bass, volume per channel add. gain switch on Channel 2 switchable mid. cut with adjustable volume
Preamp: 3 individually voiced, all tube pre- amps. Clean, crunch, lead
Poweramp: 6-tube power amp section. Accepts 6L6, EL34, 5881, 6550, KT66, etc. Pairwise mixings possible, pairwise bias control
Dimensions: 74x29x28 cm

27 kg
Footswitch: NOT INCLUDED

DIEZEL HERBERT is a 6-power tube guitar amplifier head. It features 3 channels, for 3 distinct different guitar sounds.
It's main difference from the VH4 models are in voicing, circuit design, and general layout. Overall the Herbert has a more familiar, slightly looser feel than the VH4, without losing much of the Diezel signature definition and tightness. Simply put, the amp is a player's amp, forgiving and ready for whatever one's soul and mood desires.
•Channel one produces a warm and sparkly clean sound, reminiscent of a piano,. It has immense overhead, whenever a very loud, but crystal clear clean tone is desired.
•Channel two is a dual purpose channel, it's two voicings can be selected with a toggle switch. The (-) mode of this channel has dynamics to range from a vintage type clean sound to a broad crunch. The (+) mode of this channel offers similar voice, but much more gain. Both modes provide ample pick sensitivity.
•Channel three offers a high gain structure, but again with very good pick sensitivity and easy control. The distortion structure is transparent, but yet percussive and brutal.
Herbert Amplifiers have a selectable mid cut feature, assignable to all channels. This adds tremendously to the versatility of the amp. The mid cut feature has a compensation control called "level". This allows the guitar volume to be compensated in the event of the mid cut being engaged in mid song.Herbert's master section features dual volume controls, and global presence and deep control knobs. Master effects loops are switch-able serial loop, parallel loop, and serial loop.

The HERBERT has 3 different, perfectly independent preamps, which permit it to tweak the sound for all possible music styles. The HERBERT delivers easily from clean to crunsh to ultra gain sounds without much impact to the volume of the amp. The basic concept is to get all possible sounds at minimum tweaking trouble, without compromises.
The EQs in general have a very high effective range, therefore little tweaking results in very effective sound changes. As starting point we recommend to place the tone controls on 12.00, in order to get your sound with a few quick changes of the knobs...
The power amp covers everyone's desires; 180 Watts from six power tubes, 6L6, EL34, 5881, 6550 or others; they can even be combined! The interaction from input - and output stage guarantees an absolutely clean and enormously dynamic sound spectrum.
Not to forget all technical features from Midi to switchable FX-loops, switchable second master volume, mid cut for all three channels and so on!
Test it, it's awesome!
... by the way, this amp looks terrific on stage...

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