Fender FSR American Vintage '70 Stratocaster Black 0170321706

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Fender FSR American Vintage '70 Stratocaster Black 0170321706

The Fender American Vintage series of guitars are some of the finest reissues of classic guitars you will find. This model is based off the iconic 1970's Stratocaster which had a few interesting tweaks to it including a larger than life headstock and some great new pickups made for the (at the time) more modern player. Classic 70's Style For years the Stratocaster followed the same formula with very few changes but in the 1970's Fender wanted to try something different. So they changed up the build of a lot of their guitars including their beloved Strat. During the 70's Fender introduced a new thicker 'U' shaped neck and much larger headstock design. This gave the guitar a completely different feel that really appealed to those who wanted to play larger thicker sounding chords over previous strats. This larger neck and other small tweaks mean that you get greater sustain and a punchier low end than on previous models. This makes it perfect for those who want a solid workhorse of a guitar that can handle all kinds of gigs without ever sounding out of place. The Build This guitar still follows the standard Stratocaster build that has been since the instrument was first made. It uses an alder boy bolted on to a thick 'U' shape maple neck and topped with a rosewood fingerboard. These woods all work together to create a stunning sounding guitar that defined and entire generation Fender guitars. Electronics During the 70's the hardware didn't see too many drastic changes. It still featured the same 6 point vintage tremolo that could be found on strats for years before and a set of 3 single coil pickups that still respond just as you would expect out of any strat. These pickups were tweaked slightly though to go with the new thicker neck. These really brought out the fatter tones that were possible with this wood combination on a stratocaster. Specifications Finish: Black Body: Alder Neck: Maple Neck Shape: 70's 'U' Fingerboard: Rosewood Pickups: 3x American Vintage Single Coil

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