RCF M18 Digital Mixer

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RCF M18 Digital Mixer

- Dettagli

The ultimate solution for musicians, the new generation of digital mixers.

- 18 Input Channels
- 18 Simultaneous Studio Grade Effects
- Stereo Main and 6 Aux Outputs

M Mixers represent a fully integrated solution for musicians. Maximum flexibility and comfort are granted by internal power supply, integrated Wi-Fi access point and antennas: the only thing musicians need to carry are their instruments. Avoid transporting heavy and bulky cabinets, thanks to the internal amp modeling simulators, expressly for guitarists and
bass players.

Eight input channels are provided with hi-end discrete MIC preamps.
Their 60dB gain range is digitally controlled by the MIX Remote app.
Two line inputs can be switched to a Hi-Z mode, particularly effective for acoustic and electric guitars and basses.

The MIX Remote app ensures a comprehensive control of M series mixers: all the processing you need, in your hands. Featuring attractive and intuitive graphics created by audio professionals, the app allows you to navigate between pages and fully control the mixer’s parameters even while playing. The M Remote app is available in iOS platform.

M series digital mixers are equipped with an internal Wi-Fi double antenna supporting dual band connection (2,4 GHz and 5 GHz). If the M Mixer is rack installed or used in a demanding environment, an improvement of Wi-Fi connection is possible thanks to an optional external antenna.

Channels that feature a high-end MIC preamp are equipped with a gain digital remote control. A gate, a dynamic compressor and a four-band parametric equalizer are present on all input channels. In the M 18 model each of them has three auxiliary sends dedicated to feeding the three internal effects processors and six AUX
sends for stage monitors or external effects.

Designed for musicians. Two line inputs can be switched to a Hi-Z mode and host several realistic amp modeling simulators. Guitar and bass players can count on as many as 11 simulators specifically created for them: Darkface ‘65 (US), JazzC (JP), Rock ‘64 (UK), Rock 800 (UK) Crunch, Rock 900 (UK) Lead, Top30 (UK), Modern (US), BassMate (US), BassAmp (DE), Markbass Little Mark III (IT), Markbass TTE 500 (IT). Combine each amp with many different cabinets and explore various sound possibilities, emulating three types of microphone and three distinct positions: near in axis,
near off axis, and far from cabinet (1 m). A wide range of integrated sound options, allowing every musician to re-create his familiar sound without the need to transport heavy and bulky amplifiers and cabinets.

All the input and output channels feature a four band parametric EQ, offering three intervention methods enabling different sound timbres.
You can select among STANDARD, VINTAGE and SMOOTH algorithms, each with two different control modes: either ADVANCED, providing full control on the whole range of parameters, or EASY, with simplified but still musically effective interaction.

M 18 provides three studio-grade internal effects. FX1 is a particularly deep and transparent reverb, providing a realistic simulation of large ambients, such as halls, or rooms and plates. FX2 is a professional delay with a tap time up to 1300 ms and low pass filter (LPF) on the return signal, thus creating interesting sounds and complex tapping effects. FX3 is an assignable multieffect with several choices: chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, among the others.

Six input channels are equipped with digital insert points on their audio path. M 18 permits most demanding musicians to insert up to 15 simultaneous effects. These resources not only offer distortion, vintage delay, chorus, flanger, but also classic guitar amps modeling created by the well-known software house Overloud. For bass players, the flagship emulation of the Markbass amplifiers is included.

The six auxiliary sends of the M 18 are provided with a dynamics compressor/limiter and a four-band parametric equalizer on their signal path. Furthermore the master out channel can benefit from stereo Graphic EQ, Tube Warmer and Xciter plug-ins in order to better process your final mix.

On M 18 model MIC channels 5 and 6 have two insert points, as MIC/LINE 7 and 8, whereas LINE channels 9 and 10 have 4 insert points available. Thanks to an intuitive graphic interface, it is easy to tap the resources of the effects and insert them into the channels, enjoying great sound shaping plug-ins.

Special functions of M series digital mixers are stereo audio play and record, compatible with WAV, MP3 and AIFF files that can be loaded from a USB stick. A USB socket is present on the rear panel of both M 18 and M 08. Playlist management of your favourite tracks is made easy. Even the most complex playlists can be handled from a special page.

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