VAN ROSA Over-The-Top String Bender System OTT-1

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VAN ROSA Over-The-Top String Bender System OTT-1

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Introducing the Over-The-Top String Bender System, offering all of the benefits of a strap button controlled B-Bender at a fraction of the price and without the painful installation process.The Over-The-Top String Bender brings the string bender mechanism to the surface, installing on top of the guitar with a sleek, durable, beautiful, and unobtrusive design. The System will install on most telecasters with absolutely no modifications to the body of the instrument. No Drilling, No Routing, No special tools of any kind.


Te Over-The-Top String

Bender system is designed to install using existing holes only, taking advantage of standard instruments bridge fixing screw holes and strap button screw holes. Our patent pending design sets itself apart from all other string bender mechanisms with two key innovations: a control cable used to connect the system's levers, and a custom made hollow screw to allow the B string to pass from the saddle through to the systems main lever.

The Over-The-Top String Bender System features:

- Two throw settings, long and short.

- A quick change half-step/whole-step switch for changing bend intervals on the fly with the flick of your picking hand's ring finger.

- An extra strap button allowing for quick change bypass of the Bender mechanism for fixed bridge playing.

- Compatibility with both vintage and modern style saddles (currently shipping with modern style saddles)

- Compatibility with top and back loading Telecasters (must use vintage style saddles for top loading).


We understand that guitarists expect any parts they put on their instruments to last and work reliably for the lifetime of the instrument itself. As such, all of the system's parts are made of heavy duty chrome plated steel or are machined from solid aluminum. The control cable uses industrial grade braided wire and a sprung, lubricated conduit to maximize durability and smoothness of action.


Anyone with a basic knowledge of electric guitars can feel comfortable installing the Over-The-Top String Bender themselves. As there is no drilling or routing involved, the chances of damaging of leaving any marks on your instrument are extremely remote. Completing installation will require your instruments action and intonation to be set. If you are not comfortable completing this last step, we recommend that you take your instrument to your local tech to finish the job and insure the best possible performance from your new string bender.

For detailed installation instructions, please click here:


Over-The-Top String Bender System will install on most current and past production telecasters. It is not compatible with top loading Telecasters, Tele Deluxe style instruments (with large pickguards and upper switches), and guitars which use a 3 screws behind string holes bridge arrangement. The bridge plate is designed to fit 3 or 4 screw in front of string holes bridge arrangement.

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