WARWICK BC150 Blue Cab Combo per Basso 15''

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WARWICK BC150 Blue Cab Combo per Basso 15''

WARWICK BC150 Blue Cab Combo per Basso 15'' Warwick Combo BC 150, Bass Combo 150 Watt


- 150 Watt Power Amp
- 15” Warwick Custom Speaker
- 4” High frequency horn
- Bassreflex Housing
- Rugged metal grill
- Class A Low Noise Preamp
- 4 Way EQ with controls for bass, depp mid, high mid and treble
- DDL (Dynamic Distortion Limiter) for distortion-free reproduction at high levels
- Cooling by air circulation in the bass reflex cabinet. No fan noise
- 2 Inputs for active or passive Basses
- The two

instrument inputs are suitable for 2 instruments at the same time
- Line Output with Ground Lift switch
- FX Loop
- Aux Stereo-Input, Mini jack for connecting MP3 player, CD player etc.
- Integrated headphone amplifier. Aux in stereo signals over headphones in stereo
- Speaker out-connection for additional speaker Cabinet
- Dimensions in mm (W/H/D): 530 x 580 x 380.
- Weight: 25kg

A series of compact amplifiers for Bass instruments like nothing you have seen or heard before. These full frequency, extended headroom, integrated combo amps could be used for virtually any amplified instrument but are specifically tuned to the unique needs of Electric and Upright Bassists.

Consumers of recorded music have grown accustomed to the improvements in performance and sound resulting from the development of high quality, lower cost electronics. The bass world has enjoyed little benefit from this progress.

Warwick’s new line of compact Bass Instrument Combo amps is destined to change this by introducing improvements in circuit design, speaker design, manufacturing, and much improved component integration.

Their considerations in these amp designs were multifold and our objective is to provide:
An aspiring bass player’s first amp.
A seasoned professional’s “residential amp” (to be used for practicing and pleasure playing at home).
A backstage tune-up/warm-up amp.
A teacher’s amp where both the student and the teacher can plug in simultaneously while playing musical examples with a music player through the auxiliary input.
An amp for rehearsals, where space and sound levels are limited.


True Class A preamp avoids cross over distorition & achieves warm & articulate Bass tone
Low Z circuitry provides a very low noise floor and is the difference between enduring audible hiss and enjoying a pleasant tonal experience
Two inputs for Hi & Low gain. The two inputs are suitable for 2 instruments at the same time. Ideal in a teacher / student situation, warm up back stage or small rehearsals
Headphone input with Dedicated stereo power amp for your headphones. This means its not slaving in mono from the amp. Its in true stereo with a dedicated power amp.
DDL (Dynamic Distortion Limiter) A limiter circuit sensing power amp distortion rather than gain level. Maintains amp distortion at 0.03 % ensuring the amp remains distortion free all the way to ten.
Stereo Aux input optimized for MP3, CD player & similar devices
Deeper cabinet with a bass reflex design for deep bass response
Self-cooling construction (fanless operation)
Protective speaker grille of rugged steel

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